As evidenced by over 30 years of development history, trust-worthy Korean CAD, CADian!

CADian Pro/Classic

Main Features Cadian Classic Cadian Pro
Main Features Similar workspace to AutoCAD
Use the same commands and shortcuts as AutoCAD
Bidirectional compatibility with DWG files created in AutoCAD R11 version to 2018 version.
AutoLISP usage
Compatible with AutoCAD custom shortcuts (.pgp)
DWG to PDF file conversion
Support for 3D drafting functions
Free support for Dream
Application support
VBA support
LISP-related technical support services (creating new LISP, modifying LISP code...)
Toolbox (bonus tools) Copy text content
Convert text content
Convert multiple drawing text types
Draw cloud markers
Arithmetic tool
Area calculation tool
Select number increment
Layer environment setup
Layer shortcut command setup
Osnap favorites
Open autosave files
Block manager
Remote support services
Toolbox (Osnap fix) Osnap favorites (1-4)
Osnap favorites settings
Toolbox (Group tools) Create group
Delete group
Add/remove from group
Named groups
Toggle groupion
Toolbox (XTool) Batch printing
Output to Excel
Drawing Excel tables
Copy text to Excel
Field Product Name Key Features Integrated
Mechanical / Structural
CAM & NC Dr.Nesting Automatic/manual sheet metal optimization Pro 2024
Archirtect Arch Architectural design (including TADD-5) Pro 2024
Furniture / Interior Design
Civil Engineering / GIS Survey & Cogo Traverse and Label with Closure reporting Pro 2024
Survey & Cogo Suite Survey and Cogo with Digital Terrain Modeling Pro 2024
Simple Road Design Require 'Digital Terrain Modeling' Pro 2024
Land Development Suite Survey and Cogo with Digital Terrain Modeling and Simple Road Design Pro 2024
Digital Terrain Modeling Design section with Sewer Profiles Pro 2024
Design Parking Design parking Pro 2024
Plant / Duct Mech Q Plant - Piping Plane(2D/3D), ISO, P&ID, BOM - 설비 Pro 2024
Mech Q Plant - Structural Steel Structural(2D/3D), BOM - 구조 Pro 2024
Mech Q Plant - HVAC HVAC Ducting(2D/3D), BOM - 덕트 Pro 2024
Mech Q Plant - Mechanical Mechanical(2D/3D), BOM - 기계 Pro 2024
Mech Q Plant Package Piping + Structural + HVAC + Mechanical Pro 2024
Electrical / Instrumentation

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