As evidenced by over 30 years of development history, trust-worthy Korean CAD, CADian!

CEO’s Greeting

CADian Inc has been challenging itself in innovative technology development for 33 years, and we will strive to become an even more trusted company.

Welcome to the CADian
Hello, this is Seung Hoon Park, CEO of CADian Inc.

Since the launch of Korean CAD (CADian) in 1998, CADian Inc has been leading the changes and innovations in CAD technology, significantly advancing the design and engineering industries in Korea.

Despite the strong presence of CAD from Company A in the United States, we are determined to surpass domestic boundaries and move vigorously towards the global market by enhancing the recognition of CADian. Furthermore, we will showcase a new paradigm for the future design and engineering industry through the development of new products such as CAD programs based on artificial intelligence and cloud technology, Digital Twin, and 3D BIM.

We sincerely appreciate your expectations, interest, and continuous support for CADian Inc.

CADian Inc. CEO Seung Hoon Park

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