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We provide solutions that meet the demands of industrial sites.

CADian Inc. develops innovative solutions through CAD application development business and applies them to various industrial fields to provide solutions that meet the demands of industrial sites. Through this, CADian Inc. is recognized for its outstanding technical capabilities in the CAD field and provides innovative and efficient design solutions to customers.

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CADian Inc. meets various needs required in each industry field and provides users with a more efficient working environment through CAD application development.

In addition to general-purpose basic CAD engines, CADian Inc. also develops CAD applications in the form of 3rd parties tailored to specialized solutions for various industrial fields such as machinery/mechanics, molds, CAM&NC, architecture, furniture/interiors, civil engineering/GIS, plants/ducts, and electrical/instrumentation. CADian Inc. contributes to enhancing productivity by meeting diverse needs in design tasks across various fields and minimizing users' repetitive tasks through these diverse 3rd-party solutions, providing a more efficient working environment. Furthermore, it constantly focuses on and strives to lead the CAD industry according to the flow of each industry field, by developing new applications and improving existing ones. The innovation of a productive and efficient working environment will be accomplished by Korean CAD, CADian.

Application functions by industry sector.

Machine specialized application
Provides various functions that can reduce the actual work time of designers, such as part drawing library, automatic scale recognition, batch printing, and BOM automation solution, and continuous updates are being made through collaboration with part manufacturers.
Specialized mold application
Allows for automatic design of MOLDBASE, which is fundamental to mold design, and supports various functions and symbols necessary for mold design such as automatic dimension input, standard part drawing, cooling water, bolts, taps, holes, bores, etc.
CAM&NC specialized application
Provides functions such as motion control code and tool selection for CNC machining, job optimization, generation of machining condition drawings, BOM, and automatic conversion of machining quotations. It is composed of various modules enabling milling, CNC turning, MCT (machining center), and cutting operations.
Architecture specialized application
Supports functions and commands like traditional CAD software and provides various features necessary for architectural design such as floor plans, cross-sections, elevations, layouts, and structural drawings. In addition, it offers various libraries used in architectural design fields including walls, beams, windows, etc.
Interior specialized application
Supports architectural design features utilizing 3D graphic technology not only for interior design but also for floor-by-floor planning, building exteriors, and terrain and landscaping. It offers libraries for household and commercial furniture, doors, windows, moldings, and various interior and exterior materials.
Civil/GIS specialized application
Provides 240 features to simplify the design process and enhance project completion, including block count aggregation, 3D polyline conversion, contour layer separation, retaining wall profile drafting, cross-sectional layering, exporting tables to Excel, batch printing, etc.
Plant/Duct specialized application
Provides powerful features supporting Piping, Structural, HVAC, and Mechanical design, including automatic dimensioning, table generation, text/layer and dimensioning tools, as well as libraries for various fixtures, bearings, shafts, etc.
Electrical/Instrumentation specialized application.
Offers design automation solutions optimized for input/output device and power device design, enabling automatic generation of PLC schematics and detailed drawings. It supports various manufacturer component data, as well as EC (European Commission) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) symbols and databases, allowing for efficient workflow improvements.

Business Areas

  • CAD engine development
    Developing a CAD engine with outstanding performance and accuracy based on advanced technology and professional expertise through continuous research and development.
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  • AI Solution Development
    Realizing automation of design processes through the development of AAD (AI Aided Design) new technologies, providing various AI-based functions.
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  • Engineering Solution Development
    Providing innovative solutions and services that lead the digitization of the architectural, civil, and engineering fields by developing advanced technology and solutions.
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  • CAD Solution Contract Development
    Providing optimal customized solutions for business success tailored to customer needs based on years of accumulated excellent capabilities and creativity.
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