As evidenced by over 30 years of development history, trust-worthy Korean CAD, CADian!

CAD Solution Development

Improving the functionality and performance of the CAD engine.

CADian Inc. is continuously improving the functionality and performance of the CAD engine through ongoing research and development based on advanced technology and specialized expertise. With this developed high-performance and precision CAD solution, we support customers in performing design tasks more efficiently and productively.

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CADian Inc.'s CAD engine, developed and provided by CADian Inc., leverages 30 years of accumulated CAD development expertise to offer top-notch technological capabilities. It assists customers in performing design tasks more efficiently and productively.

Founded in October 1990, CADian has been dedicated to the development of CAD engines, focusing on high-tech technology since supplying A Company's CAD No. 1 in 1984. In June 1998, CADian successfully launched CADian, a domestic CAD product, following continuous performance enhancements and efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. These efforts were validated by numerous departments and organizations, and through the release of a multilingual version, CADian achieved exportation to over 130 countries, competing with advanced developers worldwide. Through CADian, CADian has rewritten the history of CAD in Korea over the past 30 years.

Now, Korea's CAD will be led by the domestic CAD engine, CADian.

CADian's powerful CAD engine, CADian

Boasts excellent compatibility with A Company's CAD dwg file
All CAD engines provided by CADian demonstrate outstanding compatibility with A Company's CAD dwg files, from older versions to the latest ones. This means users can seamlessly import any version of files created in A Company's CAD into CADian's CAD engine for further editing or analysis. Similarly, they have the freedom for editing and analysis in the reverse scenario as well. This enhances the efficiency and productivity of CAD tasks.
Using the same commands as A Company's CAD.
CADian's CAD engine shares the same command structure as A Company's CAD, and custom shortcut settings made in A Company's CAD are also compatible. Therefore, existing users of A Company's CAD can easily transition to CADian's CAD engine, maintaining their familiar command usage and customized shortcuts. This helps alleviate the learning curve and enhances user productivity by preserving the existing working environment.
Support for applications supported in A Company's CAD.
CADian's CAD engine supports a wide range of specialized applications across various industries, just like A Company's CAD. These applications include specialized programs for mechanical and structural design, such as part libraries, BOM automation, and engineering calculation functions, as well as architecture-specific applications offering features and libraries for architectural and structural design. Additionally, CADian's CAD engine supports applications applicable to various industries including CAM/NC, mold design, interior design, civil engineering/GIS, electrical/instrumentation, and plant/duct design. This ensures that users can perform their tasks more effectively by utilizing functionalities optimized for their specific tasks.
A domestically produced CAD solution offered by CADian provides perpetual licenses, unlike A Company's CAD.
CADian's CAD engine provides perpetual licenses unlike A Company's CAD. While existing users of A Company's CAD had to pay license renewal fees every cycle, users of CADian's CADian can manage their budgets more efficiently and obtain long-term cost-saving benefits through perpetual licenses. Additionally, users can apply updates within the same version at no additional cost, allowing them to keep the software up-to-date and benefit from feature enhancements and bug fixes without extra charges.

Business Areas

  • AI Solution Development
    Realizing automation of design processes through the development of AAD (AI Aided Design) new technologies, providing various AI-based functions.
    #ArtificialIntelligence #DesignAutomation #ObjectRecognition #TWArch
  • Application Development
    Providing solutions that meet the demands of industrial sites through the development of innovative CAD applications applicable to various industrial fields.
    #Applications #3rdParty #EnhancedDesignProductivity #IndustryTailored
  • Engineering Solution Development
    Providing innovative solutions and services that lead the digitization of the architectural, civil, and engineering fields by developing advanced technology and solutions.
    #AdvancedTechnology #Digitization #BIM #DigitalTwin
  • CAD Solution Contract Development
    Providing optimal customized solutions for business success tailored to customer needs based on years of accumulated excellent capabilities and creativity.
    #SamsungElectronics #KTTelecop #KoreanIntellectualPropertyOffice #LGU+

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