Powerful software, perfect compatibility

About CADian

CADian, the only CAD software that is so similar to AutoCAD, that transition will never be an issue. Without doubt, best viable alternative to AutoCAD.

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Key Features of CADian

  • Unrivaled bidirectional compatibility from the older (R14) versions to the latest version.
  • Uses the same command structure and dwg extension as AutoCAD (also supports Microstation's DGN format)
  • Autolisp, Visual Lisp, VBA and ADS language are supported
  • Supports AutoCAD’s menu (MNU), dialog box (DCL), script (SCR) and symbol library.
  • The user interface matches AutoCAD’s environment.
  • It supports as well as allows to import AutoCAD’s shortcut keys.
  • Supports 3D Solid(ACIS 3D) modeling.
  • The world's lowest cost CAD engine that can be purchased at 20% of CAD price of A company
  • CAD fonts auto conversion
  • Batch Plot (Multi Plot)
  • xTable (Excel Connector) : Import from/Export to Excel
  • Support Network license
  • Support iges, step

CAD function comparison chart

Items CADian Pro AutoCAD AutoCAD LT
Compatibility with AutoCAD
Native DWG format (Ver 2.5 to Rel 2019) Yes Yes Yes
Uses same Command line as in AutoCAD Yes Yes Yes
AutoCAD 3D surface command support Yes Yes No
ACIS 3D solid modeling support Yes Yes No
AutoLISP(DCL) Support Yes Yes No
ADS application support Yes Yes No
Object ARX (IRX/CRX) Yes Yes No
Windows Truetype font support Yes Yes Yes
CTB file support Yes Yes Yes
Xref file manager Yes Yes Yes
Multi Layout Tab Yes Yes Yes
Customize 'Enter' by right mouse button Yes Yes Yes
Audit and Recover functions Yes Yes Yes
Digitizer Yes Yes Yes
Spline Trim Yes Yes Yes
Image insertion Yes Yes Yes
Productivity Features
MDI(Multi Document Interface) Yes Yes Yes
Entity properties display bar Yes Yes Yes
Effective drawing file manage (layers, blocks, linetypes, fonts, view, dimstyle) Yes Yes Yes
Preview the block image Yes Yes Yes
Support in-place editing with Microsoft ActiveX Yes Yes Yes
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 7.0 Yes Yes Yes
3D rendering Yes Yes Yes
Script recorder Yes Yes Yes
3DS file compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Real Time Pan & Zoom Yes Yes Yes
Customizable menus, toolbars and aliases. Yes Yes Yes
Modification of multiple selected entities at once using the right mouse button Yes Yes Yes
Bonus tools support [Useful bonus tools such as text, layer, color, and character filter] Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Undo/Redo Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/No
Support iDWG Tab Yes No No
Automatic Conversion of CAD fonts Yes No No
Excel Import/Export Yes No No
Export X, Y coordinates Yes No No
Batch Plot Yes No No
Recommended System Memory 8GB 8GB 8GB

Interworking of CADian application by field (third party)

* CADian Pro version is required when using application.
CADian's applications and products
Area Application Program Description
Architecture CADian ARCH Architectural design
Mechenical CADian EasyMECH Machine design, Utility, Machine parts symbol, Quantity calculation (BOM)
Civil structure/Survey Land Development Suite Survey and Cogo, Digital Terrain Modeling, Simple Road Design
Survey and Cogo Suite Survey and Cogo, Digital Terrain Modeling
Survey and Cogo Field to Finish! Set points, traverse, sideshot, inverse, intersect, import & export points, import linework from point file,
design lots by area. Label lines, curves and areas. Much more!
Digital Terrain Modeling Create a Triangulated Irregular Network. Use fault lines to control model. Create contours at user defined intervals.
Calculate volumes. Unlimited number of surfaces. Create fully annotated profiles.
Design Parking A complete parking stall program.
Plant CADian Mechanical 3D Mechanical, Fasteners & Material Handling modules
CADian Piping Pro Orthogonal & Isometric Piping, Vessels. P&ID and Plumbing
CADian Structural Pro Steel Detailing Package
CADian HVAC Ducting Duct, bends, tees, transitions, diffuses, flexible duct…
* Mech-Q Full Suite Above all with Mechanical 3D
Unfolder Plate 'n' Sheet Unfolder program : Standalone application ( CADian not required )
Vectorization Scan2CAD Vectorization : Standalone application ( CADian not required )
3D Solid Modeling Spatial's Solid Modeler 3D Modeler, Visualization