As evidenced by over 30 years of development history, trust-worthy Korean CAD, CADian!

CADian 2024 Classic Network

Classic version, recommended for users like this!
The CADian Classic version is available with the exception of utility features
Recommended for users who only need basic 2D drafting functions.
Try it yourself for free for a month!
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Introducing CADian Classic's product specifications!
- Developer: CADian
- License: Permanent license
- Import : dwg, dxf, dws, dwt, dwf, pdf, dgn, dgnlib, rdl, cel, sat, dae, wmf, iges, step
- export : dwg, dxf, dws, dwt, dwf, pdf, dgn, sat, dae, stl, wmf, emf, jpg, bmp, svg, iges, step
Are you curious about the hardware recommendations for CADian Classic?
- O/S : Microsoft Window 10 (64bit) 이상
- CPU: Intel Core™ i5 or AMD Ryzen3 or higher
- Capacity: 2GB or more drive space (SSD installation recommended)
- Memory: RAM 8GB or higher

  • A similar screen
    Provides a task screen similar to AutoCAD environment
  • The same command
    Supports the same command structure and shortcut keys as AutoCAD
  • Both-way compatibility
    Both-way compatibility of dwg files up to the latest version of AutoCAD.
  • A reasonable price
    Purchasing and upgrading is the most affordable CAD.
  • Permanent license
    This is a permanent license that can be used for a lifetime with a single purchase.

Provides familiar interface and commands, similar user environment.

Support all classical type interface that was used before the latest ribbon type interface.
There are commands such as AutoCAD, but existing users can also use immediately without separate re-learning, You can use the AutoCAD shortened key to use the AutoCAD shortcut key.

Complete DWG/DXF compatibility from old to newer versions, as is the original drawing

Supports 100% complete two-way compatibility with dWG/DXF files from Autodesk R2.5 to the latest versions. In addition, since it is compatible with various drawing files such as Microstation's DGN files
You can also use drawings created by other CAD software without any additional work.

Affordable CAD engine for 20% purchase and permanent use

CADian is the most affordable CAD product to purchase and upgrade, and it can be purchased at a reasonable price of only 20% of the price of CAD. What's more special is that CAD is a rental license, while CADian is available permanently on a single purchase with no time limit. Because of these economic advantages, many users are switching to CADian.

If you haven't decided on which product and solution to use yet?.
Check the product comparison table and consult for a quote to find the product and service that best suits your needs!
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    You can check the comparison results between CADian products and other CAD products.
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